The Ultimate Guide About Coronary Bypass Insurance

The Ultimate Guide About Coronary Bypass Insurance

Coronary artery bypass surgery or CABG is the type of surgery that mainly improves the flow of blood to the heart. Doctors mainly advise this surgery, when the waxy substance also known as plaque builds up that is present inside the coronary arteries. These arteries mainly supply oxygen-rich blood to their heart. Some of the important facts to know about coronary bypass insurance have been discussed in this article.

Top benefits of the coronary bypass insurance

 Some of the below a few benefits of cardiac care insurance policy mainly include:

  1. This type of insurance will be able to provide the required compensation for the treatment cost as well as the hospitalization expenses. This type of health insurance will be able to provide compensation for the loss of their income. This claim amount can mainly be used to compensate the household expenses too.
  2. By availing of the health insurance tax benefits, one can get the tax benefit.
  3. Based on the type of coverage, this heart insurance might even be able to cover the cost of treatment abroad. A person will be able to meet the rising medical costs. If in case the insured gets a sudden heart attack, they can simply apply for the claim under cardiac care insurance and they also do not need not worry about the finances.

Health insurance is the important coverage that is mainly required by all individuals to have.

Type of coverage under coronary bypass insurance

 Below are some of the important areas that is being covered by coronary bypass insurance:

 The expenses which are up to Rs. 3 lakh depending on the chosen sum insured value are mainly covered under this plan. This plan also includes charges incurred during the pre-as well as post-hospitalization for a period of up to 30 days and 60 days, respectively.

  1. The cost for the diagnostic tests which were mainly conducted before or during the hospitalisation period is also covered under this plan.
  2. This also provides coverage for the doctor’s fees that can be mainly availed of before, during as well as after the hospitalization.
  3. The expenses incurred towards the purchase of medicines that are related to hospitalization are mainly covered under the plan.
  4. Some of the treatment charges such as ICU cost, hospital room rent,  the doctor’s fees, transfusion, as well as medicines and tests are also covered under this plan

These are some of the important facts to know about coronary bypass insurance.