Ways You Can Use Gmail to its Extent

Ways You Can Use Gmail to its Extent

For the most part, many people have already been using Gmail. It is well-known since you need it to create accounts on different social media platforms. You might not notice, aside from you can send and receive emails, there are still plenty of things that you can use Gmail for aside from creating accounts.

Free storage of up to 15 Gigabyte

You can always take advantage of the perks that Gmail gives. From signing up for free, Gmail has a free 15-gigabyte google drive storage for every account. That is why, for some small business that needs an ample amount of google storage. They need more, so they opt to buy gmail accounts to have more of these. For instance, If you are a freelance photographer and videographer, you can use this to manage and organize your takes.

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Connect your account to your banking

Nowadays, employers are officially using Gmail accounts as a way to pay their employees. For instance, in PayPal, you can connect your Gmail account and receive your payment using it. It is very efficient and convenient for employers and employees to have a smooth payment transaction. Be sure to give your accurate Gmail account to avoid any problems with regards to money matters.

Get free vouchers from e-commerce platforms

In most cases, plenty of other platforms, such as in the Philippines, FoodPanda (food delivery app), give vouchers to their new customers. With that said, sign in with your Gmail account so that you can get a discount code for your first purchase. Moreover, other platforms also give out voucher codes by sending it via email. That is why it is best to sign in to your Gmail account to get unexpected good deals. You will receive updates from your favorite shops if they have sales and off-deals. More so get discount codes for being a repeat-buyer.

Educational purposes

Online class nowadays is very prominent, especially since the world is amid a pandemic. A lot of institutions worldwide opted to have e-learning; which means that all learning sessions are online. Google Classroom is a very vital outlet when it comes to e-portals. There, you can upload and turn in school works and leave comments about class discussions. Concerning this, you cannot have access to these things if you do not have a Gmail account. Moreover, if you also want to teach or are a freelance tutor, you can create your own classes and add your students.

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Create and host meetings

Whether it is for a business meeting or an informal video conference with friends, you can now enjoy google meet. Google Meet is a platform from Google that you can use after signing in to your Gmail account. It is very relevant now that everything is opting for an online interaction due to the untimely pandemic.

Keep in mind that there are still plenty of things Gmail can offer. Learn the in and out of the platform to utilize Gmail to its full potential. It is one of the most useful and relevant platforms everyone can enjoy worldwide.