For many, apple cider vinegar isn’t just another condiment to spice up your dinner; it’s an important health supplement that everyone should have in their kitchen cabinet. While ACV can be used in cooking and baking, its main purpose is as an all-natural health tonic with multiple benefits to the body and mind. This article will explain five of the benefits of ACV and why you should buy organic apple cider vinegar.

1) Boosts immunity

ACV contains acetic acid, which acts as an antibiotic agent. It helps to fight against harmful bacteria and infections. Research has shown that ACV could be used in preventing certain types of stomach cancer when taken daily. The best way to consume ACV is by mixing it with water or adding a few tablespoons into your salad dressing. Another great benefit is that you can drink it if you are suffering from cold and flu symptoms.

2) Lowers blood sugar

Research conducted at Oxford University found that consuming vinegar as part of a high-protein meal helped to lower blood sugar levels. That’s important because eating too many carbohydrates (carbs) has been shown to raise blood sugar, which can make you feel hungry and sluggish. The study also showed that vinegar does not have an adverse effect on healthy blood glucose levels, meaning it could be a great addition to your diet if you’re watching your weight or suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes.

3) Regulates digestion

ACV contains acetic acid, which helps with digestion by adding a small amount of acid to your digestive system. ACV can help regulate digestion because it helps maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in your intestines, helping your body break down foods and absorb nutrients properly.

4) Reduces inflammation

You may have heard about curcumin, an antioxidant found in turmeric that helps to fight inflammation. Well, apple cider vinegar contains a compound called acetic acid (Vinegar is made from acetic acid). So, when you buy organic apple cider vinegar, not only does help you lose weight but it also reduces inflammation throughout your body.

5) Protects from free radicals

Apple cider vinegar contains a polyphenol called EGCG, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming apple cider vinegar daily may help you maintain healthier levels of inflammation in your body. Reducing your overall body’s level of inflammation may help prevent you from developing chronic diseases like heart disease and even cancer.