The Great Merits of Having Jesus Christ Dwell in You

The Great Merits of Having Jesus Christ Dwell in You

When you have Jesus, you have everything; He is the greatest asset you can have in life. As a child of God, the best news is that He dwells in you. This article discusses the benefits of being in Christ. Life can be filled with excitement if you have the right foundation. But they are written to make you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and to believe that you can have life in His name. A life without Christ is a life with a crisis. Life is more than having wealth, position, or power. Some people who have this and more still feel miserable. Some even commit suicide. However, there are people in this life who enjoy life.

Who dwelt in you in redemption and goodness?

The largest

Jesus is more significant than the devil in the world. When you put on your elders and walk around knowing them, who will challenge you and win? Understanding this gives you the confidence to succeed.

The fullness of the Divine.

In Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the fullness of God dwells bodily, and He is completely in you. It means that all God is in you. Try to imagine who you are taking: the creator of the entire universe, Almighty God, healer, breadwinner, refuge, strong tower, miracle worker, counselor, etc. It is true; God is completely within you.

The wisdom and power of God

Jesus is the wisdom and power of God. All the wisdom and strength that you will need in life resides in you. One wise man said that every problem is a problem of knowledge. Therefore, listening to Christ within yourself and following Him will put you above any situation.

Prince of Peace

You want peace. It provides peace that transcends all comprehension, one that will keep you asleep even when the storm is raging. The type that calms you down when others in the same state are stressed and depressed.

Way, truth, and life

No one can get to God the Father except through Jesus. Your access to God dwells in you! Anything you want from God can be yours if you consult with Jesus. Moreover, He is truth and life. He came to give you life and abundance. There is no better life than life in Christ Jesus.

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Jesus Christ is the Savior; he died and saved you from all your sins. He is always ready to help you not fall into any sin and keep you from all the enemy’s oppression. The Savior dwells in you and will not let you drown in sin or oppression as you seek His help.

In conclusion

Everything you need for a victorious Christian life is in Jesus, and He is not far from you; he is within you. Your answer is not outside, without a person, but with Christ in you. Being a Christian isn’t bad news; This is a supernatural life if you realize it by faith. God wants to show what Christ in you can do for you; you must believe in Jesus and His person and always obey Him. Jesus lives in you!