Testosterone Supplement For Good Health

Most men see a decline in their testosterone level after the age of 30, leading to a decline in their sexual drive. The testosterone levels are at a peak in the adulthood but they drop as you age, atleast 1 percent every year after the age of 30. The stressful lifestyle and junk food and unhealthy eating habit contributes a lot to it.

What is testosterone?

Human beings need stimulation for growth and hormones has a vital role in it. Testosterone is the hormone that assures the growth of male. It is a sex hormone that generally found in young boys as well as in some women too. This hormone decides the sexual activity of male and it starts producing at the time of puberty. Everything a human does is controlled by hormones and testosterone controls the mood swings and most of the activities of a male. The hormone is responsible for sperm production, bone growth, muscle growth, hair growth of a male. The testosterone hormone is one of the necessary hormones where the right amount in a male body is required.

The brief idea of testosterone

Testosterone is basically found in young boys but it can found in some women too. Though the amount is very less in a woman’s body. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that generally starts producing at the time of puberty. As it is the male sex hormone so it decides every sex activities of a male. It takes a huge role in sperm production and it drives the mood frequently. The main reason for the mood swing is testosterone. Testosterone takes a huge role in developing testes and prostate. It also emphasizes the secondary sexual characteristics like bone and muscle growth, the growth of body hair. It prevents osteoporosis. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for good health.

Testosterone Supplements For Treating

Know more about this supplement

The dosage of testosterone supplement is defined by the doctor based on the degree of lacking inside of the body. The average safe dosage is also printed clearly on the packet of the gel and one must read the same care in order to prevent any case of overdosage. One must try level best to follow the dosage as per the cycle mentioned by the doctor.

Moreover Androgel should not be applied to the penis, and one should avoid swimming or bathing after applying the gel for atleast 2 hours. Application of Androgel requires blood tests to be taken frequently. The medicine has a complicated composition and the nonmedicinal ingredients are alcohol, Carbomer, isopropyl myristate, purified water, sodium hydroxide. It contains 1% testosterone and other medical ingredients. 50mg testosterone is a benchmark requirement and the usual recommendation is a 5g gel which contains 50mg testosterone.

One can take the advice of the doctor and start taking it for better results and health.