What is Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign clinic singapore is a form of orthodontic treatment which entails the usage of customised, clear ‘aligners’ (similar to clean retainers) to gradually straighten your enamel and accurate chunk problems.

Invisalign has loved notable recognition due to its comfort, flexibility of wear and tear and affected person involvement in treatment-making plans. These treatments are to be had at our health centre in Singapore.

Their Doctors will do a three-D mock-up of what your teeth currently appear like, and what they’ll appear like after the Invisalign remedy. You are free to see the result or even make changes to certain matters yourself earlier than proceeding.

They will undergo as many remedy plans or alterations as you like before intending.

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Invisalign aligners at their medical institution in Singapore are nearly invisible which allows our patients to keep functioning all through paintings and socially without being conscious. The ‘smart-song’ material is extraordinarily cosy on the lips, cheeks and tongue.

Aligners are generally eliminated when eating so there are no food regimen restrictions when using Invisalign.

As Invisalign is a kind of orthodontic treatment, absolutely everyone who requires an orthodontic remedy must constantly consider Invisalign.

Invisalign can treat any kind of orthodontic problem together with more complex remedy plans. In addition, you ought to don’t forget Invisalign if:

  • You want your orthodontic remedy to be discreet
  • You are looking for an easy way of straightening teeth
  • You do now not need to have any dietary regulations even as the present process remedy
  • You want to have the flexibility of being capable of taking away aligners
  • You do now not want to must visit the dentist each month for modifications and might as an alternative have less frequent visits

Advantages of an Invisalign

  • Transparency in seeing what ability very last finished the role of your teeth will appear to be. Using Invisalign’s three-D CLINCHECK, you’re able to see your modern-day enamel aspect employing side with the final position before intending with the treatment at our sanatorium in Singapore.
  • No dietary restrictions. Aligners are eliminated whilst eating so that you can experience all your favoured ingredients.
  • Aesthetically alluring. The “Smart Track” fabric is light and clear. It is sort of undetectable to the naked eye.

Cost Information

The price of Invisalign relies upon the complexity and length of treatment. At Ashford, we offer interest loose instalment plans for all orthodontic treatments. Please get in contact with us for similarly pricing details.