Everything To Know About baby cot bed

Everything To Know About baby cot bed

You may safely use a baby cot bed until your kid is two. Because they are not as large as a cot bed, they are an excellent option for a tiny child’s room. In addition to taking up less space, a travel cot saves you money on the cost of a dedicated room for your infant.

To make overnight feedings a little bit simpler, the Vox 4 You Baby Cot with Storage in White & Oak includes a detachable side that can be positioned next to your bed. It’s also on casters, making it simple to move about. Because of the tiny age difference between children, it may be more practical to utilize the baby’s cot for your new arrival and then upgrade to a place to sleep for your elder child.

Need Of A Cot Bed:

baby cot bed

Your infant would be able to nap soundly in a baby cot and enjoy an uninterrupted night’s rest. In many cases, if you and your spouse share a bed with your infant, the movements of one of you might wake the other, resulting in both of you having to get out of bed and put the baby to sleep again.

A kid mobile or other baby cot accessory may help keep the infant occupied while in the cot. It is easy to let young baby sleep, play, or just lay awake at night in the baby cot for as long as it takes for your baby to learn to stand and walk on its own.

Babies that share a bed with their mothers are more likely to need nighttime feedings because of the closeness of the mother, her scent, and the interruptions caused by sleeping with people.

Safety To Ensure In A Cot Bed:

There are a variety of infant cots on the market nowadays, and many of them may be linked to a parent’s bed for added convenience. Breastfeeding your baby in the late hours of the night doesn’t need you to get out of bed and make it to your baby’s crib. The adjustable or folding side rails can keep a baby cot close to your bed.


While you can’t swaddle your kid in cotton wool, your baby’s safety will be a top priority when weighing the pros and cons of a cot vs. a cot bed. The best way to ensure that your baby’s new cot is safe is to ensure it meets the applicable cot safety requirements.

As we’ve seen, both cots and cot beds have advantages and disadvantages. Still, hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of the fundamental distinctions between them so that you can make an informed selection!