Everything You Need to Know When Writing Self-Destructing Notes

Everything You Need to Know When Writing Self-Destructing Notes

Ever had that feeling of having a genius idea but not being able to remember it when you really needed it? This is the perfect solution for that. If your note is read, it self-destructs, so no one ever has to know.

What are Self-Destructing Notes?

Self-Destructing notes allows you to write a message and set time limit on how long the recipient can view the content before they’re automatically deleted. You can delete or save as many as you want with an easy interface on any computer, mobile device or tablet. So whether you need to share your thoughts quickly during a meeting or make sure some private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands… self-destructing привнот notes is your best option.

How Do Self-Destructing Notes Work?

With a simple URL you enter into the browser or by scanning the QR code generated by the website, you can access self-destructing notes at any time, on any device. When using a mobile device, you will be required to download and install a free app from an app store. For full functionality it is recommended that you access self-destructing notes from your desktop or laptop computer. The messages are stored online and require active internet connection to access them. Therefore, we recommend that you can always access self-destructing notes in case of offline situation with the help of internet connected mobile device like smartphone.


Self-Destructing Notes for Personal Use

With self-destructing notes you can keep messages private, even from your closest friends, family or co-workers. You are free to share any files with the content and recipient of your choice. It is intuitive, fun and easy to use.

Self-Destructing Notes for Business Use

Your messages will be safe from eavesdropping software with self-destructing notes that work on any computer or mobile device. You can set a time limit for how long it will take for a person to view the message before it self-destructs. This is useful when you need to provide information you only want someone to view once without having them save it long term.

This is also a great security tool for businesses, who can now send important messages to customers, clients and employees without having them be easily snooped on.

Self-Destructing Notes for Finance Use

The encrypted technology of self-destructing notes will allow you to share personal financial information with friends, family or co-workers. You can schedule the time they can view this information before it’s automatically deleted. This lets you communicate privately with a secure and convenient solution.