Learn about Residential Proxies and Why to Use it?

Learn about Residential Proxies and Why to Use it?

            It is important to understand and know what a proxy means. Before internalizing residential proxies. Proxy is defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary as an intermediary server. Between a user’s PC and a server that is used to access information. And unlock websites that otherwise could be blocked.

In simplest terms, a proxy serves as a middle man between your computer and the real server. Bigger scale networks or local networks. A proxy has different purposes which include accessing blocked content. Protecting your security, or to avoid being monitored by spy agencies or federal.  Now, if you wanted to know what is Residential Proxies, below is the definition.

What are Residential Proxies?

            Residential Proxies direct your internet traffic through a mediator server. It works over the default IP (residential IP) address assigned to you. By your Internet service provider. Each residential proxy address is plotted to a physical location. Although many devices log into the internet, every location can still be tracked. By referring to or using their IP addresses. So if you’re using or browsing the internet without a proxy you are providing away information. That is every time you are using the internet. This could be revealing your browser preferences. Also through cookies and your actual IP addresses themselves.

Using the internet without a residential proxy creates limitations. In regards to accessing geo-locked content. There is a tendency you might not access some content you want depending on the country you are located in. If your work involves scraping data for SEO analysis and deployment. Your residential IP address can be detected. Identified and blocked which leads to the incapacity to access desired websites.

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Luckily, with the help of a residential proxy network, you can avoid these problems.

Benefits of Residential Proxies:

  • Web Scraping- one of the key features of internet marketing. Knowing your competitors, learning, and studying their ways. This is a helpful way to access information about your competitors by web scraping. Web scraping supports the scraping of data on large scale without being identified. By servers as doubtful as a residential proxy rotates IP addresses.
  • Accessing Ticket Sites- are extremely efficient when used for scraping ticket sites. They permit you to compare the ticket prices across other service providers. The usual way of screening ticket sites using ticket proxies. Rotates around data center proxies. It is impossible to flag residential proxies. As they serve like real IP addresses by ticket sites.
  • Accessing sneaker sites- One of the strictly monitored sites is the shoe sites. Because of the design copying, buy limitation, and identity theft. Although this is the case, still it is achievable to access the information. That is available on shoe sites on a large scale using residential proxies. Sneaker proxies seem exaggerated compared to residential proxies. To surpass this problem, residential proxies can be used.
  • Ad Verification- residential proxies are used for verification of ads and reputation management. They give you a way to verify ads and check what is displayed on some websites. And block the ones that are doubtful or suspicious.