Determine how much heat does the candle produce

Determine how much heat does the candle produce

Only a small amount of heat is released when the candle is lit. It is not so powerful when comes to electric and propane heaters. Candle lanterns are handy that can be easy to carry. It is mostly useful when there is no power.

There is a higher possibility of using a candle as a heat source. We should consider how much heat does a candle produce and how much is the size of the area you want to heat. This helps to buy a candle for your warm needs.

Calculation of Heat produced by a candle 

Already the researches had involved in finding the heat produced by one candle which is more beneficial for us. The research was done based on petroleum candles which are the common type of candle. The wax in the petroleum candle burns just over 1mg of wax every second. The wax in the candle has an energy content of 37 kilojoules per gram, so one candle produces 80 watts.

To determine the heat produced by the candle, the size of the candle should be considered first. Small candles only burn a short time when compared to a large candles. It is usually 3 to 4 hours and the candle burns. Choose a large-sized candle when you need to retain heat in the room for a long time.

The only disadvantage is large candles are costlier than smaller candles. Buying a more number of candles is not a waste after knowing how much heat does a candle produce. If you want to heat the tent for a longer period then buying more candles ideally makes sense.

Produce heat with candles

The average heat produced by one candle is 80W which is reasonable and can be used as a heat source by comparing it with the electric heaters and central heaters.

So theoretically, the candles are eligible for a heat source but you need a lot of them when you plan to heat the room. You need to consider several factors when choosing candles and how well they produce heat.

First, you need to know the size of the room that wants to be heated. When the room is bigger then there are more candles required. Another factor to consider is the temperature outside of the room. If it is colder outside then it will be colder inside the room.

The heat source produced by the candle can also be affected by the features present in the home. When your home is well covered with blinds or curtains at the windows, the escape from the heat will be less. By this, it is easier to heat the room with candles.